Dixie National Forest Hikes

Dixie National Forest hiking possibilities are sometimes overlooked. This area has hundreds of miles of excellent trails, suitable for everything from day hikes to multi-night backpacking treks. In Dixie National Forest, you have the opportunity for travel through scenic juniper forests, wildflower meadows, alpine lakes, and along the rims of mesas. Check out our list for the best Dixie National Forest things to do.

Arches Trail

Distance: 0.6 miles loop
Elevation gain: 187 feet
Rating: Easy
Arches Trail is an easy, short hike that includes stunning wildflowers along the way. It's the perfect trails for all ages and skill levels. The trail is named for the small arches in the red rock surrounding the trail. Arches Trail starts just a little north of the Losee Canyon Trailhead parking area. The trail is only open to foot traffic. Dogs are not allowed on this trail in Dixie Forest National Park.

Cascade Falls

Distance: 1.2 miles out and back
Elevation gain: 137 feet
Rating: Moderate
The trail to Cascade Falls is rated moderate, but it is a very easy, and short, out-and-back trail that leads to a small waterfall. You also get a spectacular view of both Dixie National forest and Zion National Park. Note that, although the hike is easy, much of the trail travels along a vertical escarpment. Children will need to be careful on this trail. Dogs are welcome on this Dixie National Forest trail.

Yant Flats Trail

Distance: 3.4 mile out and back
Elevation gain: 337 feet
Rating: Moderate
Yant Flats Trail is a very popular out-and-back trail of moderate difficulty. On this trail, you'll get great views of the Pine Valley Mountains, with its many cliffs, canyons, and layers of marbled sandstone. Dogs are welcome, but must be leashed.

Yant Flats to Candy Cliffs and Yellow Top

Distance: 5.3 mile loop
Elevation gain: 800 feet
Rating: Moderate
Yant Flats to Candy Cliffs and Yellow Top is great trail for seeing the colors and patterns of Dixie National Forest. The rocks in this area have been described as being almost like a watercolor painting. Note that the Yant Flats to Candy Cliffs and Yellow Top does expose you to some cliffs, so, if you are afraid of heights, you've been warned. You'll also want to keep in mind that you're travelling in rattlesnake country, so keep an eye out for them. Dogs are allowed on this trail.

Golden Wall Trail

Distance: 4.2 mile loop
Elevation gain: 1,040 feet
Rating: Moderate
Golden Wall Trail is a moderately difficult loop that is seldom visited. It features beautiful wildflowers, unique hoodoos, ponderosa pines, and layers of red and yellow rock. Located in Red Canyon, south of the Red Canyon Visitor Center. When you hike this trail, you have the option of taking a slightly more challenging route to the Castle Bridge section. Definitely, take this route: You'll get amazing views of the surrounding area. Along the way, you'll also be able to stop and enjoy stunning views of Red Canyon. Dogs are allowed on this trail.

Navajo Lake Loop Trail

Distance: 8.6 mile loop
Elevation gain: 554 feet
Rating: Moderate
Navajo Lake Loop, rated as a moderate hike, winds along the north side of Navajo Lake, through beautiful stands of aspen, and progresses to the south side of the lake, where you'll be well above the lake. Navajo Lake Loop is a great trail for getting away from the desert heat. In August and September, it's also an excellent trail for taking in fall colors. Dogs are welcome on Navajo Lake Loop.

Cassidy Trail

Distance: 4.5 mile loop
Elevation gain: 623 feet
Rating: Moderate
Cassidy Trail is a relatively popular, moderately difficult trail that begins at Red Canyon Trailhead, and winds through scenic ponderosa pine forests. Along the trail, you'll get spectacular views of Utah's red rock terrain. The trail also features viewpoints of Losee Canyon, Mexican Hat, Little Desert, Black Rock, and Lon's Knoll. The trail is also rumored to have been used by Butch Cassidy. Consider hiking Rich Trail, along with Cassidy Trail, to make a five-mile, figure-8 round trip. Dogs can use this trail.
We hope you enjoyed our list of the best trails in Dixie National Forest. Enjoy the Dixie National Forest wildlife while staying at Fremont RV Park today.
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