Things to do near Capitol Reef National Park

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When you visit Capitol Reef National Park there is a lot of nature to see. There are geologic formations, unusual plants as well as animals. While in town check out the beautiful dark night skies.

Capitol Reef is named for the most scenic portion of the Waterpocket Fold, which is found near the Fremont River. The white tops of the Navajo Sandstone the capitol building domes and the reef are because of the rocky cliffs.

If you love hiking there are fifteen-day hiking trails that are located along Utah Highway 24 and the scenic drive. Some of the best hikes in Capitol Reef National Park take you deep into a gorge to the top of the high cliffs for a bird's eye view. The scenery nearby is worth the trip. Although the park is best explored by foot there are also opportunities for rock climbing, horseback riding, and biking. The park has 243,921 acres to explore.

Biking is one of the other popular things to do in Capitol Reef. Bikers must stay on the designated roads at all times. They are not allowed to travel off-road. Horses, as well as pack animals, are limited to horses, burros, as well as mules. The stock animals are not to be ridden or kept overnight. There are a few trails that people are not allowed to bring pack animals on. Make sure you read up on which ones before visiting.

Pets are allowed while on a leash and if they respect the wildlife. Don't forget to bag your pet's waste.
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Image may be subject to copyright